The Gnome Chompski IRC is a place where all the members of the Gnome Chompski wiki can talk to eachother.

Accessing the ChannelEdit

If you have a clientEdit

If you have a IRC client, start it up, and join wikia-gnomechompski

If you don't have a clientEdit

Got to, put you wiki name in the nickname box, and put wikia-gnomechompski in the channel box.


  • Use common curtesy.
  • Remember grammar skills and spelling. Words don't need to be capitalized or spelled correctly, but make sure others can read what you say. rItinG L1K3 7H15 isn't really appreciated.
  • Try to keep cursing at a minimum. Cursing is tolerated, but heavily applied curses will not be tolerated, and people who continue to curse after being asked to stop will be kicked.
  • Don't attack or harrass other users.
  • Don't use excessive caps lock. READING THIS ISN'T VERY PLEASANT.
  • Try to stay away from touchy or controversial topics, like religion.
  • Don't troll.
  • Don't spam.

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